Calling All Essex Boys & Girls!

Okay, so what Have We Got Here?

This is, a totally free resource for the latest and best sponsored events going on in and around Essex. We partner up with lots of local Essex companies and individuals to bring you the very best deals and offers on a huge variety of products and services.

Calling All Souvlaki Fans!

Are you a 'foodie'? Does the smell of freshly grilled souvlaki make you want to scream? How does vegetarian souvlaki sound? Yep, we also have a means of getting that to you, too if the meat version isn't your cup of tea. Ok, we'll have the answer for you below shortly... Keep a look out on our updates!

Summer? What's That Again?

Ok, the weather isn't that great right now (late April), BUT Summer is definitely on its way and we will be rolling around in the sunshine soon. We're going to give you some ideas of what to do in the Essex sunshine this Summer. Keep a look out for our listings below...

I don’t want to say That It Was Fairies ...
but it Was Definitely Fairies.

I mean isn't it possible?

What makes Essex so very special and unique from the rest of the world? Is it for our great appreciation of excessive teeth whitening, strawberry chewing gum and highlights? Is it the bright glow of our copper and orange spray-tanned boys and girls? Is it our gorgeous little teacup dogs and pigs? Is it how we dress up for every minor occasion while the world dresses down? Do we possess the most and best bling in the whole of the United Kingdom? Perhaps it IS fairies...

Wherever in Essex you live, be it Harlow, Romford, Chelmsford, or Colchester and so on, you'll know that the people of Essex are a stylish bunch who know what they like and like what they know.

Our county is special because we're a happy bunch and how often can you say that about the Brits, eh?! We're bubbly and lively and we enjoy the party lifestyle, yes, just like in TOWIE. That's why the founders of this magazine (Kate and Jon), live and work in Essex and that's why they made this magazine and this website.

Throughout the course of this year and years to come, we will be offering our fellow locals and Essex boys and girls events to go to that have free drinks, free food and offer the opportunity for networking and making lots of great new friends! Keep a look out and bookmark us :)


I think I love Free Stuff More Than My Wife...

NO, In fact, I definitely do!

So essentially, we would be lying if we said that we didn't like free stuff. Let's face it; who doesn't?! I recall when drinks companies used to give away free samples in the streets and people would run and grab them. Ok, this still happens, but maybe not SO much since the market crash of 2008.

But I think that anything that's free - be it a sample, a drink (alcoholic or non) or food is just superb. I'm really hoping that this magazine is going to grow and grow and that we'll see more content and pages being added over the months and years and more people in Essex knowing and recognising us.

So - a toast! A toast to our long, long, long and wonderful success as a brand new venture!